Note: This case study has been anonymized due to the sensitive nature of the project


Our client had recently acquired multiple companies and was confronting challenges in the integration stage:

  • Accelerating the intended product launch of their existing product portfolio integrated with a newly acquired cloud capability.
  • Developing an service offering to help customers succeed within a target COGS profile.
  • Rationalizing the organization and achieving significant ongoing cost reductions.

Thought Source ran the integration Program Management Office (PMO), coordinating multiple streams of cross-functional work, tracking progress and collaborating with business leaders on finding creative solutions.

Subsequently, working closely with the Chief Financial Officer, Chief People Officer and HR function, prepared and executed a Reduction in Force (RIF) with Sales and Marketing (S&M), Research and Development (R&D) and General and Administrative (G&A) workstreams.

With our help, our client completed the time-critical integration work, launched the targeted product and rationalized its cost base.



Our client seized an opportunity to grow from its strong position in enterprise networking and IoT via multiple acquisitions. One acquisition added special capabilities in industrial grade devices and potential threats.  Another added cloud-based analytics and response capability.

The deal thesis required our client to vigorously pursue synergies.  These included:

  • Revenue enhancement via cross-sell and up-sell. Existing customers looking for improved coverage, visibility and actionable intelligence were the key targets. 
  • Cost rationalization with a ‘Rule of 40’ objective (Growth % + EBITDA > 40%).

Further challenges arose with:

  • Differences in culture between the larger and more traditional organization vs the nimble, scrappier acquired teams.
  • Change of emphasis from one of the acquisitions to a more scalable tech-enabled version of the offering that can be provided globally with less reliance on hands-on teams.

    What we did

    Thought Source set up and ran the integration PMO with a weekly joint progress and status meeting.  Cross-functional workstreams progressed in parallel. 

    A set of burn-down lists were also prepared and tracked for each country to ensure nothing fell between the cracks.

    A tailored version of the established product development process was applied, enabling the newly acquired team’s agility to mesh with the established practices of product management and sales enablement.

    Thought Source also implemented a defined cost reduction project, driven by the CFO, working with the Chief People Officer and the HR function. 

    Headcount reductions covering contractors and full-time staff were required in all major functional areas.  Multiple geographies were covered in a co-ordinated event.  Impacted staff were provided with outplacement services.

    Outcomes achieved

    Our client achieved a rapid integration and is on track to achieve targeted deal synergies.

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