Fractional CMO Services

Thought Source provides expert Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) services to tech companies around the world.  Allow us to join your team and make a huge impact to your marketing strategy and execution.

What is a fractional CMO?

Imagine having an expert marketing exec, who has the battle wounds of experience, they’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

This person transparently balances helping multiple companies at once, but to you is a valued member of the exec team that seems to be always available.

We’re not just talking about any type of marketing crony, we’re talking a passionate technologist who knows how to resonate with your customers and get your marketing team firing on all cylinders.

The type of person who has contacts in the biz, and can help your team implement quick changes to strengthen your brand, your go to market and boost top-line revenue.

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So many reasons to hire a fractional CMO

Fractional CMO services make a lot of sense for many companies.  Here are just a few reasons why hiring a fractional CMO from Thought Source Consulting is a great move.

Monthly Cost

Fractional CMO services are a fraction of the cost of a full time employee (of course!).  This makes them available to many companies that would not normally have the budget to assign to a full time, experienced executive.


Our fractional CMOs not only have the experience from multiple clients at once, but also from regular participation in M&A due diligence projects where we assess go to market functions of other target organizations.  We bring this broad expertise to you.  


A massive benefit of a fractional role is being able to dial us up or down whenever you want… and if you don’t need us anymore (we hate to say it), fire us!

Marketing IQ

Because of our exposure to many tech product companies through fractional CMO roles around the world, we can make decisions on your behalf to execute a marketing strategy that has been proven.

Technical IQ

Thought Source fractional CMOs are technologists at heart.  We live and breath tech.  That means that we get to know your product and why your customers should love it!


Because a fractional role is month to month, we stay hungry to impress you, and that means fast results and a constant energy that many full-time executives lack over time.


Hiring us as your fractional CMO is zero risk.  We’d love to chat to you about your requirements.

Seriously, we’ll start tomorrow if you need us.