Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence is a formal review undertaken by the buyer prior to committing to the acquisition of a target company.  It is one of multiple Due Diligence workstreams and is particularly important in software companies.

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Why Groupthink Can Ruin Technical Due Diligence Objectivity

At Thought Source, we are passionate about how the Technical due diligence we perform plays a crucial role in the success of any investment or acquisition, especially in the technology sector. It involves a thorough examination of the technical aspects of a company,...

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Why you should care about SBOMs

Learn all about the new Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) requirement that software customers and governments around the world demand.

Software systems in the modern world are built upon a complex set of dependencies of different components. The importance of the software supply chain has grown immensely over recent years. There have been numerous vulnerabilities found in software components, and companies demand to know what their software is made of.

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How to announce an M&A deal

How to announce your deal! There are so many things to consider when communicating a deal to the world and those directly impacted. Thought Source use their experience to talk in detail about how to approach communicating different types of deals and what to consider when it comes to communicating how a deal affects those being acquired and those acquiring. It’s more complicated than you would first think!

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Tech Teams and Talent

HR Alert!! One thing that we love to investigate as part of technical due diligence is organizational structure, teams, and people. This is an area that contains significant value as part of a technical asset, as well as a substantial amount of risk to ensure a productive future of the potential acquisition.

The Thought Source team discuss all of the areas that are usually investigated, from key product contributors, forecasted investment in people for success, integration considerations, office sprawl and more.

Are the key contributors still employed? Is the success of a product reliant on one or two people? Can the team scale to meet your deal thesis? We tell you how we find the answers during technical due diligence

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How we analyze the product and its fit for acquisition

Look out Product Managers, this one is all about you! The Thought Source team discuss what they look for in a technology product and its suitability for acquisition. They discuss everything from product features, market fit, what makes a good roadmap and indications that you have set the product up for a successful future in order to adapt and grow.

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The Thought Source team have produced a video series covering the "behind the scenes" of performing technical due diligence for M&A projects.