An always-on service for technology leaders. Not just consulting, doing.


Board and investor scrutiny of R&D is intensifying. There is an expectation that good leaders provide more detailed levels of clear analysis, reporting, decision making and show proactive action.

Thought Source Uplift is with you every step of the way, demonstrating how strategic your R&D group is, answering the hard questions before they’re asked, and helping you get it done.

Thought Source Uplift

A 24×7 service working directly for you providing our hands-on, global expertise combined with constant data analysis of your systems.


Giving you beautifully articulated business growth planning and execution that sponsors, boards and investors want to see in every board meeting from their trusted leaders like you.

with Thought Source Uplift

Describe what is going on in terms that everyone can understand

Encompassing all of your products and shared technology, we provide a unique view into each software asset, corresponding code repositories and associated work items with the ability to see who is working on what along with their progress.  Compare against budget and determine relative costs. 

Explain current levels of performance, trends and achievement

Determine how your organization is tracking, from the perspective of task completion, milestones and budget.  Drill down and understand current levels of performance across your teams and put what is currently happening into context so you can project forward.  


Predict upcoming product and software delivery challenges

Thought Source Uplift provides our real-time analysis of all relevant historical and current project telemetry. This will help you put meaningful data behind decision making and to predict challenges and constraints delivering the product maintenance backlog and ‘needle moving’ work of adding features that are desired by customers


Avoid falling behind with essential upgrades and maintenance

Running an R&D function requires more than only implementing new functionality. There is a considerable amount of essential maintenance and upgrades that need to be done.  With Thought Source Uplift, we identify and prioritise key tasks including open-source dependencies and identified security vulnerabilities.


Decide on headcount, resource allocation and levels of investment

We work directly with you and your team to help identify and manage improvements in your R&D team’s performance while boosting investor value and appreciation of your leadership skills. We help you with organizational layout and headcount allocation, key project prioritization, derisking identified knowledge hoarders, appropriate use of offshore resourcing and much more.  It’s all part of your Thought Source Uplift subscription.


Present effortless business updates to the board, investors and sponsors

Imagine not having to block out days a month for a scramble to prepare for a board meeting.  A Thought Source Uplift subscription provides beautiful, board ready decks with your key telemetry, budget tracking, project status and proactive business efficiency and growth planning.  Investors, sponsors and boards love Thought Source Uplift content.

A failing I see when working with technology leaders, is that they either don’t have a good picture of of their group’s progress and issues, or they simply don’t articulate well to their board or investors.  That’s exactly why we created Thought Source Uplift. We’re with you 24×7.

Adam Jaques

Partner, Thought Source


Thought Source Uplift is a monthly service priced simply on your team size.